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Surface-plasmon based Translational & Advanced Research (STAR) Lab that was established to envision an integrated approach for pursuing translational and convergent research in Environment, Health and Energy with the use of Plasmonics, Electrochemistry and Bioprocessing techniques.

Our capabilities include:

  • Thin film fabrication for Plasmonic applications,

  • Thin film characterization,

  • Spacer & Cavity Engineering,

  • Plasmonic Sensor development,

  • Device 3D design and fabrication.

Facilities at STAR lab are:

  • Home-built High-sensitive SPCE platform,

  • Spin-coating unit,

  • Ethanol sensing unit,

  • Clean air thin film fabrication chamber,

  • Dark room facility,

  • Home-built multi-angle fluorescence imaging system and microscopy,

  • Electrospinning Equipment,

  • 3D Printers (SLA and FDM),

  • Plasma Etching system,

  • Benchtop Atomic Force Microscope,

  • Laser engraving system.

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